The Covert Aggressive Personality – Part 1

Spot on regarding the Covert Aggressive person. Crazy makers.
Thank you for your article.


Does this sound like anyone you know?

In the beginning:

  • You met someone and even though they started off a bit stand-offish, being polite but barely speaking to you for a few weeks or maybe more – one day they came up and struck up a conversation, probably about a subject you are passionate about, and you instantly felt as though you had bonded on some level. After that, they performed many random acts of kindness for you – showed up with presents, food when you were sick, offered to help you with some work that needed to get done, etc., or they would say nice things to you and about you in front of others and make you feel genuinely liked and admired. They often seem to be completely selfless and sweet and generous and always out to help anyone “for the greater good” of something (family, organization, work…

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